When is check-in/Check-out?
Check in is after 15 p.m. and check out is 11 a.m.
How long can we stay?
As long as you want.
How many people can stay in the hotel?
Maximum capacity is 6 people.
Can minors without adults stay in the hotel?
No, the observation of adults is required.
How much is accommodation fee?
Please check the reservation site.
Does the accommodation fee change due to how many people use the hotel?
Please check the reservation site.
How to make a reservation?
Please check the reservation site.
How to pay?
It will be prepaid by credit card.
How much is the cancellation fee?
In principle, 100% cancellation fee will be charged 7 days prior to the stay date.
I want to change my reservation.
Please check the website you used to book.
Can I bring my pet?
Any animals (except Service dogs) are not allowed to stay in our hotel.
Do you have a parking lot?
Yes, we have parking space for two normal cars. (hight limit : lower than two meters) If you want to park more than two cars,there are several parking lots near our hotel you can use for a fee.
Do you pick us up to go to the hotel?
We do not have the service.
Can I smoke in the hotel?
Smoking is not allowed in our hotel and there is no smoking space.
Can I go out at night?
Yes, you can go out freely.
Can a person with disability of walking stay at the hotels?
Yes, if they have a companion to help them.