Guest rooms

The aroma of wood and Kyoto's flair
A luxurious time spent at MARU

1階和室 天井

A welcoming place built using
traditional construction methods

MARU is an authentic timbered building incorporating traditional construction methods throughout. Take some time during your journey to enjoy a unique space that embodies Kyoto.

First floor Japanese-style room

First floor Japanese-style room

An exclusive room facing
the River Kamo

The Japanese-style room is on the house's first floor on the east side, overlooking the River Kamo. The room offers a panoramic view of the river and the Kiyomizu Temple Pagoda. In the summer, guests can take advantage of the riverside terrace, a seasonal feature of Kyoto.

First floor Japanese-style room
First floor Japanese-style room

First floor Kitchen/dining room

A space with a full kitchen
filled with daylight
and the warmth of wood.

The first floor kitchen/dining room has a full kitchen facing west. Enjoy your time in a space filled with sunlight and the warmth of wood.

Kitchen/dining room

First floor Bath

Listen to the sound of the water
and recover from your journey.

On the first floor, the bathroom is on the south side and has a distinctly Japanese vibe. Sunlight and the scent of wood harmonise perfectly with the space, while the smooth texture of the ceramic bathtub offers a soothing respite for weary travellers.


Second floor Japanese-style room

A Japanese-style room unique to Kyoto,
where traditional construction methods prevail.

The east-facing Japanese-style room with eight tatami mats offers a magnificent view of the River Kamo and willows from the window. It is distinctly Kyoto in style, showcasing traditional building techniques.

Second floor Japanese-style room

Second floor living room

Tranquil, comfortable
and spacious

The spacious living room on the west side of the second floor is equipped with a large TV and has high ceilings, creating a quiet and tranquil ambience.

Second floor Living room

Second floor Bedroom

Enjoy relaxing nights
in a comfortable bed

The west-facing bedroom on the second floor features a premium-quality bed.
The room overlooks the River Takase, with cherry blossoms blooming in spring.

Second floor Bedroom

Facilities and amenities

First floor
Kitchen/dining room
Free Wi-Fi, TV, air purifier/humidifier, fridge, electric kettle, microwave oven, dish washer/dryer, a set of cookware and utensils
Second floor
Living room
Free Wi-Fi, TV, air purifier/humidifier
Second floor
Free Wi-Fi, clock (with an alarm), air purifier/humidifier
Hairdryer, hairbrush, hair band, toothbrushes, cotton wool balls and cotton buds, razors (with shaving gel), wash cloths, hand wash and shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, soap

1F living room to hallwaySee the depth of MARU

Floor plan